Melbourne Airport Parking

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16 Tarmac Drive, Tullamarine

Members Area
Regular user of Melbourne Airport? Then take advantage of our superb membership scheme
Although Star Airport Parking offers truly affordable airport parking facilities, charges can still mount up if you are a regular traveller from Tullamarine Airport. This is why many of our frequent flyer customers have asked us to provide a valuable membership scheme, one that will save you time, hassle and of course, money.

So we invite you to Join Us! For a low single annual payment of just $150 you will receive a substantial 10% off all your parking charges. Added to this, we will provide a free standard car wash each time you leave your vehicle in our indoor parking facility. As well as access to vital Wi-Fi, Join Us! members are guaranteed parking, even in those peak periods throughout the year where you might often struggle to find that vital parking space.

Example of estimated savings you can achieve by leaving your vehicle for just 5 one-week trips throughout the year: Indoor parking charges savings - $75; plus 5 free standard car washes (sedan) - $100. Your Join Us! membership has already more than paid for itself!

To become a member, and start to make those savings that soon add up, simply call our team on 03 83950404 or email us at now