Melbourne Airport Parking

Reservation Centre:

03 83950404

16 Tarmac Drive, Tullamarine

Terms and Conditions

1.      All vehicles entering this car park are subject to these conditions. If you do not accept the Terms you and any vehicle in which you entered (the                                Vehicle) must immediately leave the Car Park.
2.     There will be 25% cancellation fee for the booking made with Star Airport Parking.
3.     No refunds apply for early returns. Change of plans must be notified to our office.
4.     You must pay Star Airport Parking all parking fees and other costs incurred in relation to the vehicle upon demand for your vehicle to be parked in this                car park.
5.      You park your vehicle with us entirely at your own risk and cost. Subject to any restriction, limitation or exclusions that are forbidden by statute or                        at Law, you agree that we will not be liable to you or to any other person for any omission, oversight or act, negligent or otherwise, of any person nor for              any loss, expense, theft, destruction or damage (including to your vehicle and its contents)
6.      Star Airport Parking at its discretion may revoke its authority for you to use this car park at any time.
7.      You agree to us holding a lien or caveat over your vehicle, including its contents, for   all parking fees, charges and expenses due that remain                                    unpaid under these terms and conditions and you further agree that we are entitled to retain possession of your vehicle, including its contents, as security          until payment in full in cleared funds is made to us for your parking fees, charges or expenses relating to the parking of your vehicle.
 8.      We reserve the right to, with or without notice, enter your vehicle, drive or move your vehicle either within or outside of our car park, including but                          not limited to allowing the facilitation of any additional parking services that are carried out off-site or otherwise at our sole discretion as demands                          or circumstance, individual or otherwise, may necessitate.
9.      You authorize us to release or to provide access to your vehicle to any person bearing and presenting the original Customer Copy of our contract, either                manually or electronically prepared, or, at our sole and absolute discretion, to any person bearing and presenting satisfactory verification of ownership of            the vehicle, and you agree to release us nor hold us liable for this release or access.
10.    If any of these conditions are illegal or not enforceable, the offending condition or part of the condition shall be read down to the extent necessary to give            it legal effect  or, if not able to be read down, be of no effect and this does not affect the validity of the remaining conditions.
11.    These terms and conditions apply and remain in force at all times while your    vehicle is parked in our car park or otherwise in our custody and control                (regardless of whether the vehicle is actually in our car park or off-site under the provisions contained herein) and the only recognized variation to                        these terms and conditions is by way of a signed, written agreement between both   you and us.
12.    In these terms and conditions the terms "we", "us", "our" and "our car park"   mean   "R.R.K Investment Trust trading" as "Star Airport Parking".              The words "you", "your" and "vehicle" mean you as the customer and the vehicle physically driven by you into our car park.